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The Partners at Seven Eight Capital have a long track record of successfully implementing quantitative trading strategies in the US and Japanese equity markets and have delivered superior risk-adjusted returns regardless of market conditions. They originally met while studying at Carnegie Mellon University and started out trading together on the Proprietary Trading desk of Lehman Brothers and have since managed quant teams at some of the largest banks and hedge funds on Wall Street. In 2012 they leveraged their success to form Seven Eight Capital and formed a strategic relationship with a multi-billion dollar Family Office which specializes in allocating capital to hedge fund managers.

  • 2012

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Former classmates from Carnegie Mellon's Master of Science in Computational Finance Program decided to launch Seven Eight Capital, a hedge fund specializing in quantitative trading and statistical arbitrage.

  • 2013

    The Fund Goes Live!

    We partnered with a Family Office which specializes in allocating capital to hedge fund managers, began trading live for the first time, and discovered many trajectories for success.

  • 2014

    The Ball Gets Rolling

    We grew to five researchers, and continued to expand our reach within the trading world.

  • 2015

    Phase Two Expansion

    We continued to fine-tune our approach, incorporating cutting-edge technology into our trading strategy.

  • 2016

    Growth and Reach

    We grew substantially as a company and began to focus on international markets.

  • 2017

    International Trading

    We began trading live in Europe and continued to grow in the US.

  • 2018

    Where are we now?

    Our staff has grown to 15 diverse and talented people working together; 87% of employees hold advanced graduate degrees.

Our Team

Stephen Cash photo.

Stephen Cash

Founding Partner

Prior to founding Seven Eight, Stephen Cash co-managed the Statistical Arbitrage Group at IVC Americas. Stephen has also worked as a quant trader on the Proprietary Trading desk at Lehman Brothers and at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and as a Portfolio Manager at WorldQuant. He has an extensive background in applied mathematics and finance, completing his BS in Finance with a minor in Mathematics at Fordham and his MS in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

Stephen has given guest lectures on quantitative finance at CMU, MIT, University of Chicago and the International Association for Quantitative Finance's How I Became a Quant series. He also sits on the alumni admissions committee for Carnegie Mellon University's MS in Computational Finance.

Adrian Sisser photo.

Adrian Sisser

Founding Partner

Prior to founding Seven Eight, Adrian spent over five years at IVC Americas where he co-managed the Statistical Arbitrage Group. Adrian also worked at Data Mining Systems (DMS), where he implemented a successful HFT strategy and built a new capital allocation system among systematic futures strategies. His career in finance began at Lehman Brothers, where he managed the real-time risk and PNL systems for equities trading and worked on a Proprietary Trading desk researching quantitative trading systems. Before moving to New York, Adrian spent time in Austin, Texas and co-founded a web startup which was quickly acquired by New York-based Bolt Media. Adrian holds a BA in Computer Science and Chemistry from Duke University and an MS in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

Adrian is also an Adjunct Professor at The City University of NY - Baruch in the Master of Financial Engineering program, where he teaches Machine Learning in Finance.

Zachary Murtha photo.

Zachary Murtha

Chief Technical Officer

Zack joined Seven Eight Capital in early 2016 as CTO. Prior to Seven Eight, Zack worked at JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank as tech lead for strategic OMS development where he led a team of local and offshore developers in building new OMS for global equity trading. Zack began his career during the dot com bubble and moved into finance in 2002 joining Lehman Brothers where he spent 6 and ½ years until joining Adrian at IVC. Zack has a BS in Computer Science from Binghamton University and MS in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

Adam Kravetz photo.

Adam Kravetz

Chief Operating Officer

Adam is the Chief Operating Officer of Seven Eight Capital. After achieving his BA in Computer Science and his MS in Computer Graphics from Cornell University, he developed trading software at TransactTools, later acquired by New York Stock Exchange, where he was promoted to Product Manager. As the Global Head of Business Development at Tower Research Capital, he drove international expansion of trading and the Wake USA partnership with Credit Suisse. He was previously Global COO of Equity Execution Services at Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, and COO of ETF Market Making and Index Arbitrage at Citadel Securities.

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